Colour, texture and fashion

Fullin’ Woolens was born from my love of colour, texture and fashion accessories! I stumbled upon a website that with one click, exploded in a riot of colourful wool. I literally felt a leap in my spirit that said “I want to learn to spin”. From there the fibre passion grew. Spinning led me to felting, specifically nunofelting, which led to the creation of Fullin’ Woolens.

Taking time to stop and let creativity flow is more important than ever. With that in mind, I strive to bring products that will enhance your own creative and spiritual journey. The very essence of the arts of spinning and felting, bring us connection – connection to our own spirit through the meditative movement of spinning or felting, connection to history, the earth and it’s bounty of fibres, colour and inspiration.

Meet the owner

I consider myself something of a fibre doula! It brings me great joy to help a puddle of fibres come to life in the form of a yarn or felted creation. My sense of joy expands when I am able to help others do the same with their own “puddles”.

Many of the products I carry are sourced from artisans and small farms. I am proud to be able to help others achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship and promote the love of arts and crafts and animal husbandry.

My passion is to educate people on the benefits of “hand made”. In this world of mass production (that exploits people and our planet), I am committed to showing the benefits of investing in products that have been created by an artisan, like myself, and also helping others to unleash their own artisan within.

Fullin’ Woolens is open by appointment only – you are guaranteed a cuppa and good chinwag about fibre. Kindred spirits always welcomed!

Photo of Cheryl